16 minutes | Feb 2, 2012

Do Christians Leave Religion Because of Other Christians?

I tackle the misconception that ex-Christians leave religion solely because of negative experiences in Christianity. How should an ex-Christian answer when accused of forsaking God because of being offended by Christians? In Episode 12 of the PsychPod Studio Podcast, I explain my experience as a former religious cult member to becoming an atheist. Welcome to the PsychPod Studio Podcast with Psychological Thriller Author M.E. Anders, where we chat 15 minutes of weekly news and views.  Merging fact and fiction into an infotainment-packed show. Here we’ll explore hot psychological topics from the perspective of a suspense and mind-altering thriller author. Popular topics include cult survivor tales, author interviews, psychological expert interviews, reader discussions, critical thinking skills, skepticism, freethinking, and religion. How You Can Listen: iTunes - Click here to download the episode or listen in iTunes! RSS Feed - Click here to subscribe to the podcast in the RSS feed of your choice. Stitcher - PsychPod Studio is now on Stitcher!  Listen to us on the web, your iPhone, Android Phone,  BlackBerry and WebOS phones. Click the Play in New Window button below to listen now. _________________________________ The Podcast Shownotes One bit of Psych News: Valerie Tarico - Psychologist available to help those transitioning from religion. She has a tremendous series about the Emotions of God on YouTube, which demonstrates how man could create God in our own image, instead of vice versa. What I’m Reading? Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne.  One of the best introductory books to evolution for prior Intelligent Design and Creationist proponents.   What I’m Writing? I am in the middle of my second draft of Playing God.  Interesting how the story has taken on a life of its own.   What I’m Watching?  Chuck:  Season 4 - Yes, I am a Chuck addict.  The storytelling is tight.  Every detail within an episode has at least one purpose, if not many.  I need to take a lesson or two from these TV screenwriters.   Reader Mailbag (Q & A) In response to Brad Snowder's post about what really happened "In the Big Inning" of the Bible: Jason Brett Mullinder says, “One of my college lecturers liked to point out that the Bible is an eastern book, we are so far removed from the original culture and understanding yet still cling to the words like an un-named Idol of a long forgotten civilization that apparently was very powerful
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