20 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

#282: Creativity in the Kingdom: Worshiping God through our writing  

What does it look like to worship God through our writing? Read: 1 Kings 7:13-22; 40-45 Huram was an “extremely skillful and talented” craftsman from the area of Tyre in Lebanon who was commissioned by King Solomon to help enhance and decorate the temple. After reading about the precision and detail of Huram’s work, we see that he was a man who glorified and worshiped God through his skills. There was thought, purpose, and intentionality in his work. Imagine all the worshipers who would journey to this magnificent temple which stood for over 400 years. Upon entering the temple, they were set in the right frame of mind to worship the Lord as they saw the beauty of Huram's craftsmanship. As Kingdom Writers, we have been given the wonderful privilege of being commissioned by God in our calling to write words that outlive us. Just as Huram was hired and appointed to furnish and magnify the beauty of Solomon’s temple, we as Kingdom Writers are called to glorify and magnify the beauty of Christ. Our writings can help display a God more than worthy to be worshiped. We have no idea who will walk through the front doors of our books. Many of those readers may not notice the painstaking detail and effort we’ve poured into our books. But you and I can rest assured that God notices. Our books and writings are one of the primary ways we've been called to worship and glorify our great King. This is why we refer to ourselves as Kingdom Writers. Priestly Pens in the hands of the Author of Life! Book Writing Lab Get your book out of your head and onto paper using our 3 proven book writing formulas ...and then create a writing plan to finish your first draft. We just launched our brand new workshop, Book Writing Lab, and you can get in today for just $27. WooHoo! Get started here: https://bookwritinglab.com/
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