76 minutes | Jul 23, 2021

Brianna L. Hernández Baurichter - Mind-Body Connection

Takeaways1. Be more forgiving of yourself for not meeting those impossible standards every single time.2. Ask yourself: What do I authentically want to communicate and what is the best way for others  to receive that message? If you don’t try it definitely won’t go anywhere.3. During the creative process give your body permission to lead where things are going, and the reasons will become clear.4. If it’s genuine part of your experience, anger is an acceptable emotion during the grieving process. 5. Try and create as many access points as possible because your viewers are living in the framework they are given, and don’t necessarily have the context to see your work from just one point of view.Mentioned in this episodeFollow Brianna on InstagramBrianna L. Hernández BaurichterThe Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MDJanine AntoniBruce Mau -  An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth
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