46 minutes | Jun 14, 2016

O.J. Simpson and balancing on-field vs. off-field opinions of players

On this week’s episode of the Audibles Podcast, hosts Andrew Perloff and Don Banks discuss how easy or difficult it is to separate on-field and off-field opinions of players like O.J. Simpson, Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson and others. They also chat about Simpson's playing career, and how he compared to running backs in today's NFL. Finally they talk about Richie Incognito, and what happens when players make political endorsements. Listeners can submit questions to the social media mailbag or let us know what you think of the show by tweeting at Andrew Perloff (@andrewperloff), Don Banks (@DonBanks), producer Mitch Goldich (@mitchgoldich) or SI NFL (@SI_NFL). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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