4 minutes | Dec 24, 2017

S01 – Episode 00 – Introduction

Season One begins this week with an introduction/teaser of our upcoming podcast, ATROCITY. ATROCITY is a true crime podcast, offering a deep-dive into some of the worlds most horrendous cases. Each episode gives listeners a detailed timeline of the events, from the personal histories of the parties involved, the crime itself, and more, including the trial and aftermath. ATROCITY is a love-letter to other works within the true crime genre; taking storytelling cues and inspiration from players across media boundaries like Dateline on NBC, Serial podcast, Sword and Scale, and Making a Murderer. We aim to deliver polished and engrossing long-form episodes that avoid the pitfalls of graphic sensationalism often found in other true crime products. To contact us with a story or about sponsorship, email us: josh@atrocitypodcast.com
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