43 minutes | Jan 9, 2018

Episode 01 – Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka (Part I)

Season One of Atrocity Podcast kicks off with one of America's most atrocious crime stories! Today we begin our examination of Paul Bernardo (The Scarborough Rapist) and Karla Homolka. Together, this couple would commit a series of horrific murders in service of Paul's twisted sexual desires. Next week, we will finish the tale, and talk about the trial and aftermath. These two photos show just how normal this couple from hell looked. But as we all know, looks can be deceiving... Paul's police sketch, which led police to take his DNA sample. That DNA would sit on a shelf for 2 years while he continued his spree. The three girls who lost their lives due to police incompetence and the deceit of Paul and Karla. Want to read more about this case? Check out these two fantastic books: INVISIBLE DARKNESS by Stephen Williams https://tinyurl.com/invisibledarkness DEADLY INNOCENCE by Scott Burnside and Alan Cairns https://tinyurl.com/deadlyinnocencebook ATROCITY is a true crime podcast, offering a deep-dive into some of the worlds most horrendous cases. Each episode gives listeners a detailed timeline of the events, from the personal histories of the parties involved, the crime itself, and more, including the trial and aftermath. ATROCITY is a love-letter to other works within the true crime genre; taking storytelling cues and inspiration from players across media boundaries like Dateline on NBC, Serial podcast, Sword and Scale, and Making a Murderer. We aim to deliver polished and engrossing long-form episodes that avoid the pitfalls of graphic sensationalism often found in other true crime products. To contact us with a story or about sponsorship, email us: josh@atrocitypodcast.com Find us: Facebook at  facebook.com/atrocitypodcast Twitter @AtrocityPodcast
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