38 minutes | Aug 16th 2016

Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me | Margaux Bergen

Sometimes our own parents aren't equipped to teach us how to create a meaningful life. It's our job to figure it out for ourselves and pass it on. MARGAUX BERGEN, an observant and whip smart daughter of a dysfunctional family, wrote down some of her hard earned wisdom to give to her eldest daughter when she went to college. Penguin Press has published these family stories and raw insights in the hybrid memoir/advice book: “Navigating Life: Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me.” A champion for women leadership around the world, Margaux Bergen has worked with the non-profit Vital Voices. She has held senior communications positions at The Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty, The United Way and the World Bank, and is now with the women-led, conscious journalism site ORBMedia. On Atomic Moms we talk about respectful parenting, the dreaded resume gap, solitude vs. loneliness, and how we can veer away from our dysfunctional family history and find our way back to our essential self. xx Ellie Knaus Subscribe on iTunes.com/AtomicMoms. Find show notes at atomicmoms.com. Please help us out by sharing on social media! #atomicmoms Special thanks to composer Jeremy Turner.
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