34 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Episode #007: Migration to Cloud: How to Tackle it for Small and Medium-sized Businesses - with Joachim Bollen

Another week, another iDalko podcast episode on everything Atlassian!In this episode, Manuel Pattyn discusses Migration to Jira Cloud for SMEs with Joachim Bollen.Joachim Bollen is an Atlassian Hero with 10 years of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem. He has worked with companies of all sizes to assist them in optimizing their Atlassian environment. In recent years, he has implemented multiple asset management solutions with Insight, including Server Management, CMDB, Management of support contracts, Resource Management!Next to his functional and technical experience, Joachim loves to share his knowledge via presentations, trainings, and workshops. He has been selected to present at Atlassian Summit twice and has presented at many other events.About this episode:Why move to the Atlassian CloudPrioritization of 4 migration strategies for an SMESteps to a successful migration for an SMEMigration tools for SMEsand moreIf you liked this episode, please support us by leaving a review! 
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