29 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

Episode #001 Preparing for a world without Jira Server: A conversation on what comes next - with Ann van Raemdonck

This is the very first episode of Altassian.FM by iDalko, a podcast on everything Atlassian. It's hosted by Manuel Pattyn, a business hero at iDalko. And in this episode, he interviews Ann Van Raemdock, an Atlassian licensing specialist, regarding Atlassian's end of Server announcement. So buckle up and learn how to prepare for this journey. 🚀:In short, this episode covers:👉 What does it mean for the prices?👉 How can I calculate my Cloud saving?👉 What policy changes will there be?👉 What does the migration journey look like?If you find the episode helpful, consider leaving a review as it helps us to create similar content and improve for the future!
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