46 minutes | Sep 3, 2020

Episode 10: Q&A with Mike and Heidi

Do you ever wonder, "Do OTHER voiceover actors feel the same way I do?" or "I have so many questions about voiceover!" Mike Stoudt and Heidi Rew, owners of Atlanta Voiceover Studio, ProVoiceoverTraining.com, and long-time voiceover actors share their experiences, struggles and how you can navigate this world of voiceover. *THINGS WE COVER: * First VO job...what to expect Most fearful aspect of voiceover Biggest hurdles faced What they wish they'd known in the beginning *PLUS they answer questions from Instagram (@atlantavoiceoverstudio) * "What are good agencies for people who are new to VO to submit to?" - Dominique "What is the best way to get an animation gig?" - Emma "What class should I start as a newbie?" - Tiffany "Whats a good way to break into the business if you have 0 experience or connections?" - Patrick "I have a demo, where's the best place to shop it? Or do I need an agent?" - "Donkis Dad Jokes" *Resources, Classes, Workshops, etc * www.AtlantaVoiceoverStudio.com www.ProVoiceoverTraining.com
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