17 minutes | Dec 22, 2019

S1. Ep 8. | Athleisure Kitchen with StarChefs' Will Blunt

We attended the 14th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress a couple of weeks ago in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This 3-day event focused on chefs and restaurateurs that we enjoy eating in their restaurants or seeing them on an array of TV programs, to supporting chefs rising in their field and some top appliance, cooking and food producers in the market. Throughout the event, we were able to enjoy a number of sessions that included pairing wines with the iconic Dinosaur BBQ, a Fried Rice Smackdown which was judged by Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Chef Edward Lee, Chef Nicole Ponesca and Christine Lee with participants that included BRAVO's Top Chef - Chef Sheldon Simeon, a discussion on West African food and educating listeners on its flavors and importance via Kith and Kin's Chef Kwame Onwuachi and a number of hands-on culinary classes as well as being able to walk the floor to try a number of treats by brands in the space. On today's Athleisure Kitchen, we sit down with Will Blunt, Managing Editor of StarChefs in one of the breakout rooms on the floor of the event to talk about how he came to being a part of the publication StarChefs as well as the annual event, the purpose behind StarChefs, speakers and participants he looked forward to especially seeing at the event and more. Make sure you keep an eye out for the November issue of Athleisure Mag which will drop the week of Thanksgiving which will have a number of interviews and images from the 13th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress held in Brooklyn. You can see this interview as well as additional conversations in the Nov Issue of Athleisure Mag.You can stay in the loop on who future guests are by visiting us at AthleisureStudio.com/Athleisure-Kitchen and on Instagram at @AthleisureKitchen and @AthleisureStudio. Athleisure Kitchen is hosted by Kimmie Smith and is Executive Produced by Paul Farkas and Kimmie Smith. It is mixed by the team at Athleisure Studio. Our theme music is "This Boy" performed by Ilya Truhanov. Our ad segment music is EQUALS performed by Dural. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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