9 minutes | Sep 22, 2019

S1. Ep 7. | Athleisure Kitchen with Lara Merriken, Founder of LÄRABAR

On today's episode of Athleisure Kitchen, we take it back to basics by talking about whole foods and the creation of the amazing fruit and nut bar which is known for having only 2-9 ingredients in each one! We talk with the founder of LÄRABAR, Lara Merriken about the inspiration behind the creation of LÄRABAR, how her life as an athlete at USC for women's volleyball, being a social worker as well as being a mom shaped her to creating this food innovation when she went on a hike one day in the Rocky Mountains. As someone in the clean eating space for nearly 20 years, LÄRABAR started with its signature 5 bars and has now expanded to nearly 20 that includes their new protein line. Lara shares how she created the initial offerings as well as her need to create a snack that allows those on the go to maintain their health without having to spend time finding the nutrients that they need in this episode that is presented by LÄRABAR/General Mills. After the episode, if you want to see the interview as well as a number of your favorite bars and new ones, make sure to visit our show notes to watch it as well.Check out the video of this podcast interview here. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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