45 minutes | Feb 21, 2020

S1. Ep 11. | Athleisure Kitchen with First Female Iron Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality Cat Cora

On today's episode of Athleisure Kitchen, we sit down with Athleisure Mag's Dec cover, Cat Cora, the first female Iron Chef, Restaurateur and TV Personality. We talked about Cat's phenomenal career, great advice that she received from her mentor, Julia Child, how she goes about deciding on what her next projects will be, her wife Nicole and family life, and of course she gives us the scoop on some of her favorite dishes from her restaurants. This episode as well as our photoshoot for the 48th issue of Athleisure Mag took place at 498 West End Ave #12A, via our friends at the Louise Phillips Forbes Halstead team. You can stay in the loop on who future guests are by visiting us at AthleisureStudio.com/AthleisureKitchen and on Instagram at @AthleisureKitchen and @AthleisureStudio. Athleisure Kitchen is hosted by Kimmie Smith and is Executive Produced by Paul Farkas and Kimmie Smith. It is mixed by the team at Athleisure Studio. Our theme music is "This Boy" performed by Ilya Truhanov. Our ad segment music is EQUALS performed by Dural. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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