57 minutes | Oct 24, 2020

“Vote like your life depends on it, just on healthcare alone” [Matthew Cortland interview]

Matthew Cortland is a disabled and chronically ill lawyer and policy analyst. Segment 1: Where the hell have I been? // Professionally Sick Segment 2: Judge Amy Coney Barrett & the Affordable Care Act Segment 3: COVID & healthcare: “What kind of country do we want be?” Segment 4: GOP: “We want you to live in poverty because it’s politically convenient for us” Segment 5: “If Trump is elected, I cannot survive another four years” Segment 6: Jock Chicken Matthew on Twitter Matthew on Patreon Full episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and other benefits are available to supporters of At The Table on Patreon. Host: Jared Rizzi [Twitter]
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