6 minutes | Mar 26, 2021

Venus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Episode 130. Venus is the goddess of love and is associated with romance, art, beauty, and how we express ourselves socially.   Where Venus is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life or activities where you find beauty, art, and pleasure.   1st: Venus in the first house indicates a pleasing appearance and loads of charm. You’ve got that “it” factor and always look pulled together.   2nd: Venus in the second house means you can attract money and resources with ease - or you may make a living in the arts. You may have a love of beautiful things and could acquire wealth. You might even marry into it!   3rd: Venus in the third house gives interest in the arts and cultural pursuits. You may enjoy reading poetry or could be a talented creative writer. Artistic scholars sometimes have this placement. Sometimes Venus in the 3rd indicates people who write beautiful love letters.   4th: Venus in the fourth usually indicates a happy childhood and beautiful nest. You might be attached to your home - or your mother. Interior designers or people who enjoy architecture sometimes have this placement.   5th: Venus in the fifth house means you are a pleasure seeker and have a highly romantic nature. You love being in love and have no shortage of admirers. You’re also a lover of the arts or may possess creative talent yourself. If you have children, they will be beautiful and the love of your life.   6th: Venus in the sixth house indicates romance on the job - and a need for a harmonious working environment. You usually get along well with coworkers - and may base much of your social life around work.   7th: Venus in the seventh house could mean happiness in love and committed relationships. When you marry, it’s for love and love alone - and keeps. You also have an ability to charm the public, which would bode well for a career in public relations.    8th: Venus in the eighth house gives an active sex life - and the possibility of financial gain through marriage. In some cases, this could indicate an inheritance. If Venus is negatively aspected, you might marry for money.   9th: Venus in the ninth house indicates a love of travel, foreign cultures, philosophy, and religion. You might meet romantic partners on trips - or through universities and churches. Art historians sometimes have this placement.   10th: Venus in the 10th house means the public loves you - and you love them. You may choose a career in the performing arts or something that puts you in the spotlight. Sometimes this placement indicates a social climber.   11th: Venus in the 11th brings many friends who are helpful towards achieving your goals. Friends support you and vice versa. Some of your friendships could be with musicians or artists. You might even meet romantic partners through your social life. Friends can become lovers, and lovers can become friends.   12th: Venus in the 12th house indicates a love of mediation, solitude, and working behind the scenes. You don’t mind being by yourself - you enjoy your own company. Sometimes this placement can bring secret lovers.   Those are some quick thoughts about Venus in the natal chart houses. If you want to learn more, be sure to grab a copy of Astrology for Real Life - a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious. I also recommend Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets by Robert Pelletier. 
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