7 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Sun Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Episode 125. Today we’re starting to look at the planets in the houses on the natal chart. I’ll give brief descriptions of possible interpretations for each planet in upcoming episodes. Once we’ve gone through every planet through the natal chart, we’ll start looking at planetary transits through the houses. We’ll begin this part of the series by talking about the Sun Through the Houses in the Natal Chart. When you read the horoscopes in a magazine, they are focused on the Sun sign. The Sun represents your basic personality. This is your ego and your vital life force. It’s “you”  at your core. There are twelve houses in the natal chart. You can go back to older episodes to learn about the attributes of each house. Where the Sun lands in your natal chart shows where you can shine brightly. This is where your power lies and where you can express yourself fully. 1st: The Sun in the first house indicates a warm, magnetic personality. You can be a leader. People are drawn to you. However, you’ll need to keep your ego in check. 2nd: The Sun in the second house can mean you’ve got mad skills at making money. Or great ambition for cash. Material success drives you but you must be careful not to put things above people. 3rd: The Sun in the third house indicates intellectual strength. You love expressing your ideas and you’re proud of them too. Relationships with siblings and neighbors tend to be positive. 4th: The Sun in the fourth house puts the emphasis on family and home. Your loved ones mean the world to you. You work hard to create a comfortable household but can be domineering. 5th: The Sun in the fifth house is the natural placement for this planet. You can express yourself powerfully. You love being on stage and could be a fine performing artist. Your heart is huge, and you could be a wonderful parent. When you fall in love, it's with all your heart. You just gotta remember to leave room in the limelight for other people to shine. 6th: The Sun in the sixth house means you take great pride in your work. You also enjoy being of service in some way. Meaningful work is important to you but you must be careful that you don’t make work a god. 7th: The Sun in the seventh house puts an emphasis on relationships. You attract a lot of people in your life and some of these relationships will be powerful. Even when in a relationship, you maintain your own identity. Compromise could be challenging. 8th: The Sun in the eighth house produces a deep, sexy, and intense personality. You’re smoldering! Intimacy is your thing. This placement can indicate psychic abilities and the ability to get to the bottom of things. There is also an ability to handle other people’s money. When wronged, this Sun placement could turn vengeful. 9th: The Sun in the ninth house indicates a desire to broaden your horizons through education, travel, and spirituality. You may be a globetrotter, religious scholar, or a perpetual student. Writers and publishers often have this placement. When negatively aspected, it can produce a fanatic. 10th: The Sun in the 10th house can bring fame. You want to be recognized for your contributions to the world and most likely you will. This is the placement for world leaders and politicians - or anyone that loves to be in the spotlight.The public loves you. However, if the ego gets in the way, you easily move into dictator mode. 11th: The Sun in the 11th house brings a wide circle of acquaintances. Friendship is important to you and you may popular. Tolerance and compassion make you a do-gooder. You just need to be mindful that you don’t pick up any bad influences along the way. 12th: The Sun in the 12th house shows a quiet, retiring nature. You don’t need the spotlight - you need your space. Time alone and introspection are important. You’re an excellent researcher and caregiver, so you may be attracted to the medical field. Too much lone wolf vibes could make you lonely at times. Get out of the house! Those are some mini thoughts about the Sun in the natal chart houses. If you want to learn more, be sure to grab a copy of Astrology for Real Life - a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious. I also recommend Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets by Robert Pelletier.
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