4 minutes | Oct 23, 2020

Rising Sign Overlay Patterns

Episode 121. A rising sign overlay pattern refers to the signs on the house cusps when a particular sign is rising. For example, if you have Scorpio Rising, Scorpio is on the first house cusp. The other signs would move around the chart in sequential order. This means if your rising is Scorpio, you most likely have Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp. The signs on the cusps of the houses give a clue as to how you handle the issues associated with that sector in your chart. Using the Scorpio Rising example, Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp would mean you’re fairly lucky with money and may like to invest in education and travel. When using the Placidus house system, the houses may not be equal, which means that sometimes the next sign does not land on the cusp of a house - but instead may be intercepted, something I’ve talked about in a previous episode. If you use the Placidus system as I do, you’ll see that this modifies the way the ascendant typically acts. Listen in to learn more. 
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