4 minutes | Sep 18, 2020

Final Dispositors

Episode 119. When an astrologer refers to the final dispositor, they are talking about a single planet in the chart that is in its own rulership. This gives it importance in the astrology chart - and a source of power for the individual. Indirect dispositors form a chain or tree made up of a dispositing planet that disposits another planet and so and so on until you reach the final dispositor. If a single planet is in its own rulership and ends up being the final dispositor of all the other planets, it becomes powerful, perhaps more so than the ruler of the chart. Folks who lack a final dispositor tend to be more indecisive whereas a chart with a final dispositor is more likely to take action and be decisive. Charts with no planets in rulership or more than one do not have a final dispositor. Listen in as I use my chart for an example. 
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