35 minutes | Jan 24, 2021

Always check the waivers

It’s a new week and we are talking fantasy nitty-gritty again with our old mate, Seahorse!He’s donning the Sheriff badge and helping us explore what benefits there are to working on waiver priority - the order which teams get to choose from unowned players each week.If you have this feed of the show you are in danger of losing your favourite Aussie fantasy football show. We love having you here and are glad you’re enjoying our little podcast but to keep the supply going click this link and find the show with our new feed that has every episode ever made! https://linktr.ee/AstroLeaguePodcastYou can also search your podcast app for ‘Astros Fantasy Football’ and subscribe to the feed which has a swagman’s hat hanging from the O in the word Astro.This feed will be deleted forever on January 26th - Australia Day
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