15 minutes | Oct 15, 2021

Episode #76: Interior Decorating to Boost NOI with Lisa Landry

As a multifamily syndicator, your return on investment does not solely rely on your ability to increase rents. There are numerous ways that you can boost your NOI and, in this episode, we cover how interior design can help you do just that! Today’s guest is Lisa Landry, President of Landry Designs and Landry Staging and CEO of Above & Beyond Holdings, a multifamily investment company with over 200 doors under management. In today’s episode, Lisa shares a bit about her personal multifamily syndication experience, which she believes gives her an edge in the industry and helps her provide her clients with greater ROI. You’ll also find out focusing on image and branding can increase interest in your properties and make a B or C class unit sell like an A-class one! Tune in today to learn more.Key Points From This Episode:An introduction to Lisa Landry and her companies, Landry Designs and Landry Staging.How her multifamily syndication experience helps Lisa provide her clients with greater ROI.Why she believes that she can add value to any size property, big or small.The importance of image and branding, from the website to the leasing office and model unit.What syndicators should spend on interior design and staging and what ROI they can expect.Three key elements: potential residents want to live there, current residents feel pride of ownership, and onsite staff want to work there.Learn about the process of working with Lisa and her team, from Zoom call to renovations.Lisa shares one of the most interesting properties she has worked on to date.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Lisa Landry on LinkedInLisa Landry EmailLandry DesignsLandry Designs on InstagramAsset Management Mastery Facebook GroupAsset Management MasteryBreak of Day Capital Break of Day Capital InstagramGary Lipsky on LinkedInBest in ClassGarzellaGroup
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