48 minutes | Aug 10, 2020

[Fatherhood] Dad or deadlines? Asking for a mate

When Lachlan became a dad, he had to deal with an inner emotional turmoil that he was not prepared for. Going back to work after two short weeks of paternal leave can leave you drained, especially when your work turns into stressful deadlines. Add the fact that your best friend and confident just became a new mum that is exhausted too and you've got a young fella struggling to cope. During this episode, Lachlan goes beyond the small talk and shares his journey to becoming a new dad, the challenges he's faced, how he dealt with the work pressure and how he adapted his prioritises to be more present for his son and wife. This is an honest conversation about fatherhood and changing relationships. ASKING FOR A MATE is the feel-good podcast that asks guys to go beyond the small talk. ​Our mission is to break down stereotypes of Aussie masculinity and improve the mental health of men by letting guys know that it's ok to let your guard down and have frank and honest conversations. ​Each episode, Cécile gets the chance to ask Aussie guys what’s really going on beneath their thick skin and ask the questions they may have been avoiding, in the hope that it will encourage more meaningful relationships between friends and those around us.
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