54 minutes | Jan 16th 2021

Where Can I Find You? Your Website is...

Dave and Jim always love to play with new technology. Today, with the permission of the person, Dave brings the clubhouse into the show. This has not been approved by the people at the app. Their terms say you need written permission and we have verbal approval.  SPONSOR: PodcastBranding.co If you need podcast artwork, a logo, a website, a lead magnet (anything you need to look good) check out Mark from www.podcastbranding.co You will see the new Ask the Podcast Coach logo in your app very soon. TIMELINE: 01:39 Sponsor: podcastbranding.co 02:59 Jim's Mug: dogpodcastnetwork.com 05:17 The Clubhouse Experiment 08:03 Where Do I Place Cross Promotion? 17:59 YouTube Vs Podcast With Editing 24:27 Should I Do a Live Show? 28:35 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters 31:53 This Seems to Be Working 33:05 Best Advice for Newbies 40:47 Removing Resets From a Recording 41:50 Rodecaster Course 45:24 I Hate Building Websites 49:01 Setting up a Club 51:37 Dave Needs to Promote His Book Better MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Rodecaster Pro Zoom Podtrack P4 TRRS Cable School of Podcasting Ask the Podcast Coach Store Podcasting Services One on One Consulting Podcast Rodeo First Impression Review Podcast Review Show (deep review) School of Pocasting
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