60 minutes | Dec 19th 2020

The Impact You Have On Others

Glenn "The Geek" Hebert is BACK after cancer surgery and other fun times. Glenn has a great story about how his audience surprised him with very cool gifts.  SPONSOR: www.podcastbranding.co if you need artwork, logos, websites, - anything you need to look professional. Check out www.podcastbranding.co I just hired Mark to redo the Ask the Podcast Coach artwork TIMELINE 03:56 Glenn The Geek Returns 06:00 Glenns Supporters Step Up 18:22 Survey Talk 24:21 Changes Glenn is Making 29:32 Awesome Supporters 32:47 Substack Free Media Hosting? 37:00 Audello Going Out of Business? 38:25 Always Control Your Feed 39:17 Periscope 43:35 Getting Booked On Shows 49:25 The Guest was BAD 50:40 Motu M2 Update 51:50 Edit out the Discovery Call 53:20 Settling an Argument 54:24 Don't Overthink It Support the show go to www.askthepodcastcoach.com/store
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