56 minutes | Dec 12th 2020

The 12 Best Podcasting Practices of Christmas

Dave and Jim have caught their Christmas Spirit and have brought some sleigh bells to spruce up the intro (kind of...) today we talk about

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If you need a logo, artwork, or website, hire a great graphic artist who is also a podcaster! Check out www.podcastbranding.co 02:55 Jim's New Mug 04:57 Holidays Can Be Hard - 800-273-8255 (Suicide Hotline) 06:26 Have a Sponsor You Believe In 09:31 12 Podcasting Practices For Christmas 12:17 Thinking Outside the Box - Listen with Curtis Elton 21:32 Revisit Your Intro 24:07 Awesome Supporters 26:39 Testing Your Content on Friends 28:58 My Favorite Podcast Is... 31:55 Podpage Adds Voicemail

Learn PodPage FOR FREE at www.schoolofpodcasting.com/learnpodpage 33:22 Jim Reflects on 10 Years of His Show 38:23 Stereo and Clubhouse Apps 39:43 Power Rant: Demo Videos? 41:04 Year-End Predictions? 43:48 Your Show on Gaana

(learn how to submit your show to Gaana at the School of Podcasting ) 49:01 Pricing For Editors 53:08 Descript and Otter 54:20 What is Coming Up?

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