56 minutes | Jan 31st 2021

Squadcast Launches Video Version of their Service

As podcasting continues to get more popular, creators are looking for more options to record content once and use in multiple ways. This week Squadcast added the ability to have a video in their high-quality recordings.  Sponsor: PodcastBranding.co If you need artwork, a logo, a website and you want to make a great first impression, then check out podcastbranding.co Not only is Mark a great graphic artist, but he is also a podcaster.  TIME LINE: 00:01:12 eBay to the Rescue 00:02:32 Sponsor: podcastbranding.co 00:03:50 The Mug Shot: dogpodcastnetwork.com 00:04:45 New Patron: Latin Podcast Awards 00:06:22 Squadcast Rolls Out Video 00:08:09 Sarah Reflects on Podcast Rodeo Show 00:11:47 Join the Show 00:12:51 Streaming Live Is a Different Skill 00:16:36 Mac mini Update 00:19:32 January is Done 00:22:18 Podcast Rodeo Show Now on YouTube 00:25:49 Awesome Supporters 00:29:48 Steve Martin Banjo Music Joke 00:30:21 Jordan Harbinger Spends 40K On His Podcast 00:33:00 Finding Conferences 00:38:25 acceleratelikea.pro/dave 00:40:16 Valerie Geller Will Be Coming On the School of Podcasting 00:41:07 Going Back to School 00:43:29 Journalists Should Have Podcasts 00:46:08 the Importance of Attitude 00:50:42 FOMO Listening 00:51:38 College? Do You Get Value From This Show? Go to www.askthepodcastcoach.com/store and show your appreciation
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