63 minutes | Feb 14th 2021

Podcasting and Audio Books Crossover?

Today Dave and Jim answer questions about audiobooks, clubhouse effects on podcasting, approaching podcasts, and more. SPONSOR: Podcastbranding.com  Get podcast artwork, logos, or a full website by working with Mark from www.podcastbranding.com TIMELINE 00:41 World Radio Day 02:38 Sponsor: Podcastbranding.co 04:13 Mugshot: Dog Podcast Network 05:33 Podcasts and Audio Books 15:29 Clubhouse Can See Us 17:03 Audio Drama in Podcasting 25:04 Does Clubhouse Boost Views? 27:44 How Dave Saved 1000 Dollars 30:19 How Are You Doing This? 33:23 Our Awesome Supporters 38:58 How to Connect With Other Podcasters 49:24 Is Clubhouse Going to Impact Podcasting 54:47 People Are Starved Socially 56:39 How To Record Audio From Listeners (see telbee and Speakpipe) Become An Awesome Supporter! This week we talk about getting your audience engaged.  www.askthepodcastcoach.com/store
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