49 minutes | Jan 23rd 2021

I Almost Lost My Podcast

The experiment with clubhouse continues. Lots of good questions and one very important lesson learned. I didn't have the Rodcaster setup to record separate tracks. Lot of volume issues, and I've leveled them out, but separate tracks would've been helpful for the people joining via the phone.   SPONSOR: podcastbranding.co If you need a great looking ANYTHING (website, artwork, logo, lead magnet) go see Mark at www.podcastbranding.co  TIME LINE 00:01:01 Sponsor: www.podcastbranding.co  00:02:27 CUP Sponsor: Dog Podcast Network  00:03:13 Using Voxer to Build a Community 00:10:30 The Coroner Talk Story - Darren Dake 00:12:49 What are You Seeing on Clubhouse? 00:17:48 Breaking Blab 00:18:13 Dave Almost Lost His Podcast THANK YOU BACKBLAZE  00:21:41 Understanding Backups 00:23:13 Can Hear Buttons on Podtrak P4   00:29:28 Awesome Supporters   00:32:15 Is This Too Wide?   00:37:09 James Ultucher: Choose Yourself Book   00:39:18 Browser Plugins see ToDoist   00:40:35 Do Your Chores   00:42:34 How to Integrate Clubhouse Intro Your Podcast   00:47:01 Wrap Up   Support the Show If you listened to the show and used your time to consume the content, you must find it valuable. It would be nice if you provided value back. Go to www.askthepodcastcoach.com/store
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