52 minutes | Mar 14th 2021

How to Book Guests On Your Podcast

So many people understand that one way to grow your audience is to be on other shows, and also to have guests on THEIR show. There is only one way to get someone on YOUR show, so why do people stumble on this?  SPONSOR: Does your podcast brand need some work. Check out podcastbranding.co and get artwork, logos, websites, or now A PODCAST BRAND AUDIT. It's all there at www.podcastbranding.co not only is Mark a great graphic artist, he is also a podcaster. 00:00:41 Um...Ask? 00:03:54 Tips on Getting on Other Shows 00:05:18 Jeremiah IMDB Pro Tip 00:08:43 Start at the Bottom and Work Your Way Up 00:12:05 Awesome Supporters MUGSHOT: Check out the Dog Podcast Network. The Dog edition is made for people walking their dogs. Tell the dog lover in your life to go to www.dogpodcastnetwork.com 00:15:22 Become a Supporter or a One Time Donation 00:15:46 Tools To Make Podcasting Easier 00:21:59 Text Expander 00:23:53 Pet Setter Confessional 00:26:56 Chameleon Breeding 00:27:40 Hindenburg Favorites 00:28:20 Pasteapp.iio Tip 00:32:58 Podjournal 00:37:51 How Lon Did It Take? 00:40:36 Basics of Writing a Book 00:42:09 Connecting to Clubhouse without a Rodecaster or P4? 00:46:04 Review-o-holic 00:47:44 Waiting for the Baba Booee Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 336 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network Need Help With Your Podcast?  Get going in the right direction! Schedule a strategy session today.
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