54 minutes | Dec 6th 2020

Are You Bored With Your Podcast Format?

Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 322 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network.

Today we talk about:

00:01:06 www.podcastbranding.co 00:02:49 Changing Your Shows Format 00:11:02 Joe Rogan is Now Spotify Only 00:16:57 Podcast Rolemodel 00:19:38 Relisten to Old Shows 00:21:03 Popular Polzarizing People 00:22:41 Awesome Supporters 00:26:59 Sweetwater Insights 00:27:39 Cutiepie YouTube Woes 00:31:12 Podcaster Liability Insurance? 00:40:52 The McDonald's Coffee Story 00:41:40 Introducing a New Show on a Network 00:48:04 Tik Tock

Mentioned in This Episode


http://www.mikerowe.com http://www.askthepodcastcoach.com/sweetwater http://www.askthepodcastcoach.com/store http://www.supportthisshow.com/thimble https://supportthisshow.com/zoomp4

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