49 minutes | Mar 7th 2021

A Simple Yet Powerful Patreon Alternative

Today Jim and Dave share how they are using Supercast for different projects and that seems to be a simple, yet powerful alternative to Patreon.  SPONSOR: Get a branding audio at podcastbranding.co 00:49 Sponsor: PodcastBranding.co 02:37 Mugshot: Dogpodcastnetwork.com 03:07 Supercast Patreon Alternative 08:56 Multiple Options? 12:42 Realistic Expectations 15:33 Donations 21:44 Solo Podcasts 24:09 Thank You Patrons 26:58 Great Reviews On My Book 27:32 Idea for Podcasts 28:21 Jim's Thinking about this camera 29:38 Dave's New Camera 33:24 Different Attitudes Apparent in Clubhouse 35:05 Chris From Amateur Traveler 37:17 Chris' Experience with Patreon 42:50 Podcasters are one extreme or the other 46:33 Omaha Recording Studio webberized.com Support The Show Become a Patron! Go to www.askthepodcastcoach.com/awesome Need a one-time donation link? See  www.askthepodcastcoach.com/store
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