13 minutes | Jun 7, 2017

06 – After A Truck Crash Explained – Ask the Hammer

Questions answered in this episode:What qualifies as a commercial vehicle?Steps to take when involved in a crash involving an 18-wheeler truck or large commercial vehicle?What if a trucking or insurance company calls me before I’ve spoken to a lawyer?Who can be sued in a truck accident case? What is the trucker’s side in this in terms of protecting themselves? What is my course of action in the days following a truck accident?Why different factors cause such high costs in truck accident cases? When a road or property gets damages in a truck accident, who pays for it?What categories of driver negligence seem to repeated more commonly by truckers?What is a positive or helpful message that you would like to share with drivers of trucks and commercial vehicles?Are you seeing a lot of cases going all the way to a jury’s decision?Our social media question from Facebook - the question listeners want to Ask The HammerThe post 06 – After A Truck Crash Explained – Ask the Hammer appeared first on Isaacs & Isaacs.
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