8 minutes | May 15, 2017

05 – After an Auto Crash Explained – Ask the Hammer

Questions answered in this episode:Should I move my vehicle after a crash?Is there ever a reason to leave the scene of the accident?What about a hit and run accident?There are other vehicles and people involved, should I help them?Should the police always be called? Even when there are no injuries?What information should I collect from others involved in the crash?If there are witnesses, what info do I get from them?Can and should I record a cell phone video of the crash scene?Good Samaritan laws - what is my duty as a witness to a car accidentIf I feel like it’s my fault, should I say so?Our social media question of the week – the questions listeners Ask The HammerThe post 05 – After an Auto Crash Explained – Ask the Hammer appeared first on Isaacs & Isaacs.
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