74 minutes | Mar 29th 2020

S3Ep.1 Type 1 Hype-In?

I'm back Type Ones and Nones! It's the very first episode of the Ask Me About My Type 1 hat trick season and it's a banger for sure!!! I have on Jordan of @butfirstinsulin fame and she inspires me to make up my very own Type 1 Phrase: Type 1 Hype-In!!! It's that feeling you get when Type 1 is the reason why everything is going just the way you want them to! It's an odd one for sure but if it were to end up in the Oxford dictionary Jordan would be the visual example next to the definition because of her absolutely Type 1 Hype-In attitude after her absolutely crazy diagnosis. On top of that Jordan's sister, Christina, gives me an entirely new perspective on the idea of Type 1 burnout and the importance of support. PLUS I announce some very fashionable developments! Ask Me About My Type 1 is back y'all!!! Get at me in the comments! Edited, Produced, and Written by: Walt Drennan Hosted by: Walt Drennan Music by: Afterglow Studios   --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/askmeaboutmyt1/message