62 minutes | Dec 2nd 2019

S2Ep.13 Type 1 Supplementals

Episode 13 WOULD be the most difficult to get out to y'all but out to y'all it is and it's a real banger! This week I have on team Roya, creators of the first dietary supplement specifically made FOR Type 1s. Type 1 guest Rohan and Type None guest Max tell me how they came together to address Type 1 concerns through dietary supplementation. And no it's not (JUST) an episode about cinnamon!! It's a story about what can happen when the powers of Type 1 and a Type None with a medical engineering degree and a passion for supplements combine!! Max tells of his learning about Type 1 through Rohan's Type 1 experience and Rohan tells of his rediscovery of the Type 1 community. I also get the rundown about Cinnamon and the TRUTH behind the myth!! It's flu season people so grab your Vitamin Cs, Ds, and Ks as you cozy on up for this brand new episode of Ask Me About My Type 1 where we all get a little supplemental with me!! Edited, Produced, and Written by: Walt Drennan Hosted by: Walt Drennan Music by: Afterglow Studios --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/askmeaboutmyt1/message
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