70 minutes | Apr 7, 2019

S1Ep.08 Jillian, Chris, and Paloma

Now, this is probably the Type 1iest episode of Ask Me About My Type 1 to date! Episode 8 is coming at all of you with FOUR TIMES the Type 1 as I sit down with Instagramer Jillian Rippolone (@t1dchick), power-lifter Chris Ruden (@chrisruden), AND blogger Paloma Kemak (@glitterglucose). We take questions from their followers and get real AND honest about how there should be no shame in ANYBODY'S T1 game, how TSA really isn't as bad as some Type 1 airport horror stories might suggest, and how it's all about the delivery when talking Type 1 for the first time with that special someone. Prepare to get your T1D Chicked, your Chris Rudened, and your Glitter thoroughly Glucosed on this dia-celeb studded episode of Ask Me About My Type 1.  The answers will most certainly surprise you! Edited, Produced, and Written by : Walt Drennan Hosted by: Walt Drennan Music by: Afterglow Studios --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/askmeaboutmyt1/message
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