66 minutes | Mar 24, 2019

S1 BONUS Special Topics in Type 1: Part 2

I'm back on with Erika talking about all things Type 1 in Part Two of Ask Me About My Type 1s: Special Topics in Type 1. My very special friend from Canada and I discuss my differing experiences with Type 1 intimacy, our thoughts on Type 1 data sharing on social media, and how very important it is to be aware of just how taxing the Type 1 of it all can be on our mental health. We also go behind the closed door and into the bedroom when we answer questions from Erika's Instagram followers. To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode follow the links below. Resource Links: Beyond Type 1 Mental Health Resource Page:  https://beyondtype1.org/mental-health/  The Confidence Klinik on Instagram: @theconfidenceklinik Erika Arff on Instagram: @erikaarff  Edited, Produced, and Written by: Walt Drennan Hosted by: Walt Drennan Music by: Afterglow Studios   --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/askmeaboutmyt1/message
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