51 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

How to Make Fast Cash

As a general rule, those who typically become successful entrepreneurs are the people who come up with unique solutions to problems or challenges. This rule has continued to be proven true, again and again, in the technology space, especially as the world becomes more accustomed to the “here and now” provided by the increasing ease and portability of devices.

Along with the innovation model, technology has enabled the “fast cash” model to start popping up in completely new ways. As a result, a completely new wave of start-ups have appeared that allow all of us to make money on the side with our spare cash, our extra space, or our vehicles when we’re not

In this episode, Loral is talking about the Fast Cash Model.  Adam and Thomas share their wisdom as well.  We talk about ways for kids and adults to make fast cash.  We also talk about great ways to start making fast cash now and finish 2020 strong. 

Show Notes:

  • [02:57] What in your ask-tell-ask is right there and really quick. 
  • [03:59] Fast cash is if you needed money by tonight. We need to have an urgency to cash.
  • [04:04] If you keep telling yourself you don’t have enough to save them you will never have enough to start saving for retirement. 
  • [06:19] Right around your community you could get fast cash. It is just trading time.  
  • [07:05] Another place to earn fast cash is online.  
  • [07:52] Often we avoid the initial sale because we want more money for the work.  It is a database building.  
  • [09:59] Daily we are giving our stuff for free when someone would gladly pay for it.  
  • [11:15] Listen to what people are saying. That is their problem.  People will always pay money to fix their problems.  
  • [11:28] Consolidated information into a new bundle and selling it is brilliant and saves people tons of time.  People don’t have the time to find the information so they will pay you for it.                               
  • [14:01] Twenty dollars doesn’t sound like much, but when you get ten or twenty people purchasing your product or service it really adds up.  20 dollars is nothing for people, but if you get $400 that changes everything. 
  • [16:11] There is a value to paying.  The exchange of money creates the value.  
  • [19:09] You're not starting with your big ticket item. It is like the end cap item at the grocery store to get the conversation started. 
  • [21:22] Think about what your skill is and what you do everyday.  
  • [23:52] When you're making fast cash it doesn’t necessarily have to be within your wheelhouse even. 
  • [25:37] Adam shares a story about a guy that wanted to bring goodness to other people. 
  • [28:13] He shares about how the guy had one million dollars in his bank account one week after filing bankruptcy. 
  • [29:41] If you don’t have something to sell then be an affiliate.  
  • [31:51] Inside your own dialogue you need to create the urgency to make money.   
  • [33:01] We need to get out of the make it, spend it pattern and get into the make it, invest it pattern.  
  • [36:35] Most of us don’t know what to look for because we have never looked at a deal before.     
  • [37:10] Take this time to look at deals from an educational standpoint.  
  • [38:26] You can do a lot of things to get your cash away from your spending habits.  
  • [40:36] Check out the upcoming tables.  
  • [43:01] The Virtual Meetup and Marketplace and Graduate Marketplace are coming up soon. 
  • [45:15] The goal is for you to learn all these things so you are not strapped to a desk and someone else giving you a paycheck.  
  • [47:47] Ask the question why because that why becomes an opportunity.  
  • [49:31] We are heading to the finish line and there is a lot to do.  

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