9 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

We Screwed Up A Job | Should We Give The Cleaning Client's Money Back?

We screwed up our first #cleaning job. What do you do when the customer points out your mistake? Do you give the a refund? Should you offer a discount on future cleaning services? Does the #cleaningbusiness owner lose face?

Today's Ask a House Cleaner sponsor is Savvy Cleaner training and certification for house cleaners and maids. (https://savvycleaner.com/join) And your host today is #AngelaBrown

*** CONTENTS OF THIS SHOW *** 0:00 - Intro - Meet Angela Brown The House Cleaning Guru 0:13 - How to send your question to the #AskaHouseCleaner show 0:30 - A house cleaner claims we screwed up our first cleaning job 1:18 - Should you give a discount when you screw up a job? 1:47 - Why it's important to care about the customers' concerns 2:13 - Why it's cool to learn from your mistakes 2:51 - Learn to value the feedback from your customers 3:09 - Use feedback to tighten your business policies 3:49 - How a checklist can help you and your client agree on expectations 4:17 - A worksheet will help you clarify your satisfaction guarantee 5:10 - A Worksheet will encourage you to inspect your work 5:47 - Pass or fail your own work and give yourself approval for passing 6:51 - Every day get better at your job

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