10 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

I Thought That Was Your Job | Learn This Trick And Never Screw Up a Job Again!

"I thought that was your job" Ugh oh! The role in a partnership is not clearly defined. If you are a house cleaning business owner learn this trick and never screw up a job again. This simple method will have your #cleaningbusiness thriving in no time.

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*** CONTENTS FROM THIS SHOW *** 0:00 - Intro - Meet Angela Brown the House Cleaning Guru 0:18 - Why we are doing the #PartnershipSeries 0:45 - What happens when the roles of the partnership are not clear 1:50 - Finger pointing and "I thought that was your job" 3:07 - Document the role of each task - assign responsibilities 6:07 - Limited time, energy and resources to cover all the duties 8:18 - Each partner carries their responsibility and has 51% vote

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