21 minutes | Oct 2, 2016


You know you're living right when you get to have ZAO on the podcast. So thusly, the team at Holy Mountain Printing is proud to present you with an exclusive interview with the band, where they talk about upcoming releases. Do yourself a favor and head over to their website (www.facebook.com/ZAO.Official) and let them know we sent you. Also, check out Holy Mountain Printing at (www.holymountainprinting.com) AND you have to admit our theme song is amazing. Well it's made by Slasher Film Festival Strategy (www.slasherfilmfestivalstrategy.bandcamp.com), where they make songs for movies that simply do not exist. Go download or stream their collection, you won't regret it. Finally, I must let you all know, Last Chance Podcast Network (www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com) is brought to you by Raleighwood in Raleigh, NC. Be sure to check them out at www.raleighwoodmovies.com
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