55 minutes | Dec 10, 2016


Welcome to the latest edition of Ascending the Holy Mountain, a podcast brought to you by Holy Mountain Printing, They offer some of the best design, print rates and quality around, so be sure to learn more at (www.holymountinprinting.com). Also, we can’t thank them enough, but our theme song was made by Slasher Film Festival Strategy. They make music for movies that simply do not exist and to get the full copy of our theme song as well as hear their full catalogue, head over to (www.slasherfilmfestivalstrategy.bandcamp.com) Today on the podcast our Host Erik, from the band Demon Eye (www.demoneyeofficial.com) interviews Arthur Rizk of Sumerlands. Their self titled full length album just came out on Relapse Records. Arthur is also a highly sought after producer whose done such records for the likes of Power Trip, Title Fight and Inquisition. Find out more about him and his band after the podcast at (www.sumerlands.bandcamp.com/releases) and (www.facebook.com/sumerlands). As always, to learn more about this show and others on the network, head over to www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com/ascendingtheholymountain
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