52 minutes | Jan 27, 2017

Inter Arma

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Ascending the Holy Mountain, a podcast brought to you by Last Chance Podcast Network and Holy Mountain Printing. If you’re in the market for design or print work, be sure to head over to (www.holymountainprinting.com). Also our theme song was created by Slasher Film Festival Strategy, so big shout out to them. They have a unique take on music, as they are making songs for movies that simply do not exist. To learn more and support them, go to (www.slasherfilmfestivalstrategy.bandcamp.com). Today on the podcast, Erik of local NC band Demon Eye (www.demoneyeofficial.com), talks to Mike from the Richmond, VA based progressive, psychedelic metal band Inter Arma. Inter Arma's newest record Paradise Gallows is available worldwide via Relapse Records (www.relapse.com). To learn more about Inter Arma, click over to (https://interarma.bandcamp.com) and follow them at (https://www.facebook.com/INTERARMA). However, before we get to the interview, we are happy to announce that this show is sponsored today by Mike Hill’s Savage Gold Coffee. Savage Gold Coffee offers fair-trade, organically grown delicious coffee. You can pick up a pound at (www.savagegoldcoffee.com). Stay Tuned for Savage Gold at Holy Mountain’s webstore soon. As always to learn more about this show and others on the Last Chance Podcast Network, head over to (www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com/ascendingtheholymountain), one of which, for example is ALL THINGS POPPED, hosted by Canon, the same voice/guy as the introducer for Ascending the Holy Mountain. ALL THINGS POPPED is a podcast where we talk about science/tech and tell you all the things you never knew you never needed to know. At the end of this episode you can hear a snippet of a show. For a link to the iTunes etc go to (www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com/allthingspopped). Stay safe out there.
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