54 minutes | Jan 20, 2017

Cult Leader

Welcome to this weeks episode of Ascending the Holy Mountain, a podcast brought to you by Last Chance Podcast Network and Holy Mountain Printing. If you're in the market for design or print work, be sure to go to (www.holymountainprinting.com). Our theme song as always was created by Slasher Film Festival Strategy. Their music is some of the most creative I've heard, as they make music for movies that simply do not exist. Be sure to check out their full catalogue at (www.slasherfilmfestivalstrategy.bandcamp.com). On today's interview Erik, of the Raleigh band Demon Eye, which you can learn more about at (www.demoneyeofficial.com), talks with Anthony Lucero of the Salt Lake City, Utah band Cult Leader. Cult Leader plays a ferocious blend of crusty punk infused hardcore. Aside from his duties as singer for Cult Leader, Anthony also serves as both the designer and illustrator for all the bands merchandise and album covers. Cult Leader's most recent album Lightless Walk is available now from the Boston based label Deathwish Inc. Learn more about them at (https://deathwishinc.com), (www.facebook.com/CultLeaderMusic) and (www.cultleadermusic.bandcamp.com). However, before we get to the interview, we want to shout out to this weeks sponsor, Ziggurat. Ziggurat is an Israeli black metal band whose EP, Ritual Miasma, will be available at the end of February. You can follow them by heading to (https://zigguratband.bandcamp.com)and (https://www.facebook.com/zigguratband666).The song you're about to hear is titled Blind Faith. Finally as always, to learn more about this show and others on the network head over to www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com one of which that the announcer Canon, for Ascending the Holy Mountain, hosts called ALL THINGS POPPED, where they discuss science and tech news, check it out at (www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com/allthingspopped)
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