56 minutes | Dec 23, 2016

Black Anvil (ft. Closed Casket Activities sponsor)

Todays interview is with Paul Delaney of Black Anvil. Black Anvil is a black metal band from New York City. Their new record, "As Was" will be available on January 13th from Relapse Records. Find out more at (www.blackanvil.bandcamp.com) and(www.facebook.com/BlackAnvil). Stick around after the interview to hear the title track from Black Anvil's forthcoming album “As Was".However, Before we get to the interview, we are proud to announce that Todays episode is sponsored by Closed Casket Activities featuring the band FULL OF HELL and their song "Thy Radiant Garrote Exposed". This album is on a 7 inch split record that was just released by Closed Casket Activities featuring Full of Hell / Nails. Learn more about this split 7 inch split and closed casket activities at (www.closedcasketactivities.com). As always huge thanks to Holy Mountain Printing (www.holymountainprinting.com) and Slasher Film Festival Strategy for the theme song (www.slasherfilmfestivalstrategy.bandcamp.com). To learn more about this show and others on the network, head over to www.lastchancepodcastnetwork.com/ascendingtheholymountain
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