19 minutes | May 22, 2020

Why Constantly Posting "Content" is Counterproductive

“I want to get my music out there, but no one is paying attention to me. Am I just not posting enough?” There are young artists getting crippled by the pressures and constraints of how we now tend to share music. They put a lot of unrealistic demands on themselves (or they have high hopes that get quickly crushed). It’s because of a pervasive myth that seems to have permeated our culture (at least online). It’s really a series of misconceptions that, when taken together, make up something that I consider to be toxic and counterproductive:1. In order to exist, you must exist in the data stream (share things with an audience so that you can be noticed and rated)2. In order to be relevant, you must constantly and consistently create content for an audience3. In order to maintain relevance, you must never stop creating content, nor slow down the pace I think all three of these things are laughably untrue.Do this instead...
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