15 minutes | Jul 3, 2020

What Brings Out the Best in You?

If you are not exposing yourself to the people who bring out your best, and you're not using the things that bring out your best; by definition, you are operating at a diminished capacity.Your efforts to install skill or express your creativity are compromised.You are not fulfilling your potential, and there's an opportunity cost that comes along with that.Now… you can do the very best that you can within a circumstance in which the best of you is not being brought out.And doing your very best, despite unfavorable circumstances still seems to be preferable to the alternative, which is succumbing to the disadvantages. And just taking it to the chin.But if you proactively seek to surround yourself by that which brings out your best, then you will automatically up-level your capacity. To contribute and to create, to develop skills, and to create new competencies.And the competencies that you have already accrued can be better expressed.And the difference there is not slight. It's fairly significant:Even if you stopped developing new skills, but you were using things or hanging out with people, exposing yourself to that which brings out your best... Suddenly all of the skills that you have accrued can be used in a way that you've never used them before.You'll be more competent at using your competencies.You'll be better able to deploy your skills at will and make something that's of more value. Perhaps not just to yourself, but to the world. Or to the part of the world that you end up sharing your value with.One of the first things that you can do to increase your frequency of exposure to that which brings out your best is to decrease your frequency of exposure to that which brings out your worst.In the subtracting of that which brings out your worst, there's automatically a gap that's created that needs to be filled.And with any luck, the gap that's created will be filled by that which brings out your best or something that's closer and moving in that direction than that which brings out your worst. I use three distinctions that help me to do this, called Virulent, Vapid, and Valuable. Listen to the podcast to learn more 🙂
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