20 minutes | May 29, 2020

Stop Making Art for the Whole World to See

This is a brief followup vlog to last week’s piece in which I made a case against constantly posting content online. In addition to advocating that you do the deep thing, rather than the constant-and-compromised form of content production… there is a case to be made that the world never needs to see what you’ve made at all, and you might be all the better for it.Share… with but a few.At any moment, I can post a clip of my guitar playing and within minutes, thousands of people will see it.If it’s a particularly good clip, within hours, tens of thousands of people will see it.And if it’s one of my best clips, within days, it’ll get more than 100,000 views. I’ve even had the occasional video get over a million views.But what’s relevant is that I have the option to have my creative work be seen by thousands of people within mere moments… and yet I prefer otherwise.I find the act of sharing what I’ve created with a handful of close friends, family, and even intentionally chosen fans, to be a far more rewarding experience...
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