71 minutes | Aug 31, 2018

Eps. 33 The Golden Era with Pro Body Builder Tyler Figueira

Today we got insight into a profession that’s not talked about Enough. It’s a True Display of art that you yourself have sculpted yourself into. Chime into our episode with Tyler and find out what it’s like to live in the Golden Era.:45 Intro1:16 QOTD5:58 Start9:50 Bodybuilding Type12:55 Process of Competing20:25 Process of Shows33:08 Workout Schedule37:20 Diet40:18 3 Criterias41:20 Powerlifting vs Body Builder43:15 Mindset45:50 Being a pro with sponserships51:20 Aspects Tyler Does Not Vibe With59:11 Eating Habits1:00:15 Family1:05:20 Tylers QOTD
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