76 minutes | Sep 6, 2018

Ep. 34 Bay Area Videographer Aycee Photography (Through the Lens)

This past week we had a San Jose Native come to the podcast and speak on Videography around the Bay Area! He gives us insight on his process from working with artists to the biggest pet peeves and everything in between of what it takes to be a full time videographer! Check in and listen in as we bring on the podcast @Ayceephotography this guy works day and night literally so tap in to see whats coming the next couple months! 1:00 (Question of the Day)What keeps people comfortable?2:40 The Leap of Faith7:45 Directors Want To Work with11:18 Pet Peeve20:01 Big Name Artist Work With34:10 Gear If You Want To Get Started39:22 Thizzer Interview47:30 Getting Clientele55:44 What Keeps You Inspired?1:10:35 (Question of the Day)How would you invest 20 years of your life making somebody else money? Or how would you when you could invest 20 years of your life making yourself money? 
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