88 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Nabil Elderkin on His Years Working With Kanye West and His Debut Film 'Gully'

Taj and Karena Evans welcome legendary photographer and music video director Nabil Elderkin to the podcast. Nabil discusses growing up surfing in Australia, his famous story of purchasing Kanye West’s domain name, working as Kanye’s photographer and cutting his teeth into music videos. They also chat about Gully — Nabil’s newly released debut feature film, starring Amber Heard, Jacob Lattimore, Jonathan Major and Kelvin Harrison Jr. Nabil talks about the thrills and challenges of making his first movie, and how Travis Scott ended up in the film. Follow @Nabil on Instagram and stay up to date on all new ARTchitects content by following @ArtchitectsPod on Instagram and TikTok.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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